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#special: Job-Day 2024 at voestalpine Tubulars

24 January 2024 | 

A special invitation to the world of professional training.

On 19 January 2024, voestalpine Tubulars opened its doors to 20 interested school students, who were able to explore the diverse apprenticeships, the training programme and the unique spirit of the company under the motto "Make the future with us". Job Day 2024 was a complete success, as the young people were able to find out first-hand from apprentices and future colleagues what everyday working life is like in practice.

The day began with a reception and welcome from the management and group supervisors. The management team was available to answer visitors' questions about the company's expectations and the role of apprentices. The works council emphasised the benefits for apprentices and the financial support for apprentice excursions.

Sonja Zmek, responsible for the apprentices, presented the exact process of the Job Day, including a presentation of the apprenticeship programmes in terms of duration, wage and training. A small competition provided additional excitement, in which participants could win Kindberg vouchers.

The visitors were divided into four groups and then guided through the factory site. The company fire brigade provided support with a taxi service to reach the various stations.

The four stations of the Job Day offered an intensive insight into the various apprenticeships:

Station 1 - Mechanical Maintenance TA21:

The apprenticeships in machining, mechanical engineering and welding technology were presented in the mechanical worksite. The young people were not only able to gather information, but also actively experience manual activities such as facing and longitudinal turning, the use of an impact wrench and even welding with their own hands.

The master of mechanical maintenance emphasised:

I think it's great that we organise a day like this for the young people, where they can get stuck in and get a good feel for the teaching profession.

    Station 2 - Quality department/Material Testing:

    The materials testing laboratory presented the profession of materials tester. The visitors were given an insight into non-destructive and destructive material testing, accompanied by practical exercises and explanations from apprentices and employees. The young people were also allowed to take a small workpiece home with them.

    You immediately feel very welcome at voestalpine Tubulars and I think it's great that all the station supervisors really took the time to explain everything and that everyone was allowed to get hands-on,

    said one young visitor.

      Station 3 - Electrical Maintenance

      The E-Worksite presented the apprenticeships in electrical engineering - systems and operating technology and electrical engineering - automation and process control technology. The young people experienced the versatility of electrical maintenance. From the inspection and repair of technical systems to machine control, the field of electrical engineering is a broad one. "Nothing works without electricity," summarized one employee. It is also exciting that we hardly need any external companies for the installations in the company and can cover almost everything ourselves.

      Station 4 - Production process and factory tour of the seamless tube rolling mill:

      The factory tour provided a comprehensive insight into the production process. When entering the production, you could see astonished faces. The visitors were not only amazed by the visual aspect, but also by the informative aspect. Relatively short blocks of pre-material are heated in the rotary hearth furnace and rolled into seamless pipes up to 18 meters long in the subsequent production steps.

      It was a really interesting experience to be guided through such a large company and to gain such a deep insight into the day-to-day work at voestalpine Tubulars. It's not a matter of course that the employees explain their day-to-day work with such dedication and that you can also lend a hand yourself, so the connection to the apprenticeship is even greater,

      a mother explained.


        The Job Day ended with a snack, where final questions were answered. Finally, the winners of the competition were rewarded with Kindberg vouchers. Each visitor also received a well-filled goodie bag.

        The organizers would like to thank all visitors and participants for making this inspiring day possible. Interested parties are encouraged to apply in large numbers and become part of the voestalpine Tubulars family.

        Make future with us!