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Your challenge – our solution

27 November 2019 | 

Demanding environment or application? – Find the corresponding solution with us!

Your challenge

If you are confronted with extremely cold or extremely hot surroundings, you want to explore the deepest well within your region, you plan to produce in the longest horizontal distance ever or if you are confronted with high pressure or other specific impacts - you have many opportunities to find the optimal solution within our product portfolio.

Our solution

Explore a few of our solutions to customers’ challenges below:

  • Supplier of VAsuperior – one of our CAL IV connections – for the exploration of the deepest well in Australia.
  • VAsuperior-DryTec - the lubricant free solution - for a gas storage project in a National Park in Southern Europe. DryTec was required due to environmental protection requirements.
    In addition to environmental advantages, our lubricant free solution also increases your efficiency and safety on site.
  • Joint development of high-strength steel pipes with one of our customers in the crane manufacturing business.
  • Joint development of a tailor-made steel grade for one of our trailer axle tubes customers in order to reduce weight and optimize further processing results.

Troubles with supply? – We do our best to provide short lead times for you!
One of our customers didn’t get the material he ordered from another supplier due to a problem in the supply chain. We were asked for help and were able to provide the material within 6 days lead time (from request to shipment).

Your personal sales representative

Get in touch with your sales representative and describe your challenge! We will be happy to assist you to find a solution together!