voestalpine Sadef is always on top of new developments and innovations. No sector moving as fast as the solar sector. New innovations and evolutions in products and services come at a fast pace. With our engineering team at voestalpine Sadef, we are always on top of the latest changes and opportunities. Recently, we have investigated the opportunities of AgriVoltaics or AgriPV and came up with two new solar systems based on our own steel profiles. We would call it, Sadef profile solutions at its best! 

AgriVoltaics AgriPV Agriphotovoltaics
FlexAgri Fruit - solar system for AgriVoltaics

FlexAgri Fruit – Solar structure 

To protect fruit orchards from heavy hail, rain or frost, voestalpine Sadef has developed the FlexAgri Fruit system that serves several purposes. It is a canopy structure, supported by steel profiles and covers the fruit trees to offer ultimate protection and to serve as a mounting structure for solar panels.

Do you have a project you would like to share with us: contact our colleague Jos Vandemoortele!  

FlexAgri Vertical – Solar Structure 

voestalpine Sadef has developed a steel structure to support the bifacial solar panels that are put in a field or a meadow. The farmer has enough space between the FlexAgri Vertical to mow or maneuver other heavy agriculture machinery. Scarce surfaces are well used with this application and multiple purposes are served at once!  

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