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  • 2023-10-02

    zentrak: The Intelligent Ecosystem of Railway Systems.

    Your Solution for Monitoring, Asset, and Maintenance Management.

    Talking about modern railway systems, where efficiency, safety, and modernization converge, a new era is emerging. At the crossroads of cutting-edge technology and the boundless capabilities of the human mind, we proudly introduce zentrak - the intelligent ecosystem of railway systems.

  • 2023-09-29

    Successful in 2023

    The “Systemtage” of voestalpine Signaling Sainerholz GmbH took place for the seventh time, this year with 30 participating guests.

  • 2023-09-15

    IHHA Rio 2023: A Throwback to the 12th International Heavy Haul Association Conference

    IHHA Rio 2023, the "12th International Heavy Haul Association Conference" took place from August 27-31, 2023 at the Windsor Convention & Expo Centre in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. voestalpine Railway Systems was a proud Gold Sponsor and presented itself with a booth in the exhibition area with innovative system solutions for heavy haul transport.

  • rail insights, voestalpine, railway systems


    Together, rail and wheel form the backbone of our railway infrastructure.

    After the successful first video about turnouts, we, voestalpine Railway Systems, present our first "Rail Insights" video, which takes a closer look at the wheel-rail-interface.

  • wiener linien, schienenfäsen, rail milling, voestalpine, railway systems


    MG11: Advancing Rail Maintenance by Mobile Milling

    In collaboration with Wiener Linien, we have been exploring how a combination of mobile rail milling and investment in premium rail steels can contribute to reducing rail maintenance effort and moving from a reactive to a more preventive rail maintenance strategy in metro systems.

  • 2023-07-27

    IHHA Rio 2023

    We are delighted to announce voestalpine Railway Systems as a Gold Sponsor for IHHA Rio 2023, the 12th International Heavy Haul Association Conference.

  • 2023-07-20

    Enhancing Cybersecurity Resilience in the Railway Industry

    The railway industry is indeed undergoing a significant transformation, and cybersecurity must be at the forefront of this evolution. Implementing the principles of the cybersecurity triad - confidentiality, integrity, and availability - is crucial in safeguarding railway signaling systems. 

  • tram graz


    voestalpine Railway Systems to supply rails for modernization and expansion of Graz tram network

    The premium rails of the steel and technology group are being used in the current modernization and expansion of the Graz tram network. Holding Graz is once again drawing on the expertise of voestalpine Railway Systems, which is regarded as the world's leading supplier of complete railway infrastructure systems. The Group, which has already equipped Vienna, Budapest, Prague and Berlin with high-tech rail infrastructure, is currently implementing tramway projects in Gothenburg, Stockholm, Osijek, Zagreb and Sarajevo, and the city of Graz.

  • 2023-06-27

    Railway Events 2023

    Read about voestalpine Railway Systems' participation and key highlights from events in the first half of 2023. Explore the company's expertise in railway technology, efficiency, environment, diagnostic systems, and digital innovation.

  • Turnout Insights


    Premium product turnout in video: "Turnout Insights"

    The first episode of "Turnout Insights" provides exciting insights into the innovative product worlds of the voestalpine Railway Systems Group: The focus is on turnout systems.