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Ultrasonic & eddy current rail testing at Metro Barcelona

2023-05-02 | 

Metro Barcelona, operated by Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB), is well-known for its commitment to providing safe and reliable transportation. To ensure this high standard, the metro system relies on the expertise of voestalpine Railway Systems for ultrasonic and eddy current rail testing.

In November 2022, a comprehensive testing mission began to evaluate the condition of rails in track and turnouts at all lines of Metro Barcelona. The goal of this mission is to identify, evaluate, and interpret any operational rail deterioration, such as head checks and squats, and to provide a reliable basis for decision-making regarding subsequent maintenance measures

The results of this rail testing and any necessary maintenance measures will lead to increased safety and track availability, as well as reduced Life Cycle Costs. This commitment to testing and maintenance is just one of the ways that Metro Barcelona continues to set the standard for public transportation systems not only in the Iberian Peninsula, but also in Latin America.

By relying on the expertise of voestalpine Railway Systems, Metro Barcelona is able to maintain its reputation for safe and reliable transportation.

With the continued commitment of TMB and voestalpine Railway Systems, Metro Barcelona will undoubtedly remain a best-practice reference for public transportation systems around the world.