New Generation of
Creping Blades

uddeholmstrip has launched Q-Crepe CM – a new dimension in coated creping blades with a CERMET coating for longer life time and more consistent tissue quality compared to other leading competitors’ blades.
New Generation of<BR>Creping Blades

CERMET Coating for Superior Life-time

uddeholmstrip – known for decades for high precision strip steel, and furthermore a partner of the paper and tissue producing industry manufacturing enhanced coater, creping and printing doctor blades, has passed a new milestone in the product development of creping blades. uddeholmstrip has increased its creping blade portfolio with the new CERMET coated blade. The blade contains wear resistant carbides in an extremely dense metal matrix. This results in a blade that provides a longer lifetime than standard ceramic coated blades with extremely consistent running performance.

A series of full mill trials were carried out at five prominent mills across Europe, with the result that the Q-Crepe CM fulfils all requirements of standard blades and additionally lasts a minimum of 15% longer with very consistent tissue properties, requiring almost no operator intervention, and without evidence of damage to the Yankee cylinders.
For detailed technical information please refer to the statement from our R&D department. When the goal is to provide a product with outstanding reliability whilst maintaining efficiency over time, Q-Crepe CM should be the logical choice. Q-Crepe CM is ready for orders, and anyone who would like a trial order of the new material is welcome to contact the sales manager <This e-mail address is protected against spam bots, you have to activate JavaScript in your browser to see it.>

For more detailed information please read our R&D technical report of Q-Crepe CM and CERMET coating. Link