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Experience reports

Martin Sabitzer, Assembly High Bay Warehouse

Responsibly. Varying. Independent.

The most important thing for me was to work in a future-oriented company that could offer me a secure and thus long-term job. I was also looking for opportunities for further training and promotion, as well as fair pay for my work. As an assembly supervisor in the high-bay warehouse area, I am responsible for coordinating the construction site, safety on the construction site, and completion on schedule. An important point in my daily work is the high willingness to travel, because we have construction sites all over the world.


In my job, I'm often on the road for several weeks. That's not to be underestimated - for myself, but also for my family at home. Nevertheless, I really enjoy my job and the nice thing is, no matter where the projects are in the world, I am my own boss on the construction site.

Jennifer Schrefl, Internal Sales Road Safety

Joining the team since: June 1, 2018

Versatile. Educational. Appreciative.

In my job, I have a lot to do with numbers, which is what I like best. I am entering and processing orders and invoices, coordinate delivery dates and provide material information. I particularly enjoy the luxury of flexible working hours, which allows us as a team to be available for our customers for a longer period. I chose this varied job at voestalpine Krems Finaltechnik in the Road Safety department because I was looking for a job that is technically proficient and, above all, safe.


I work in an office with three other great colleagues and wouldn't want to change anything. I am very happy with my everyday life.

Michael Aschauer, Maintenance

Challenging. Extensive. Teamwork.

Varied activities across different professional fields and regulated working hours were the main reasons why I decided to take a job at voestalpine Krems Finaltechnik.My working day starts at 6:00 a.m. with a short team meeting discussing the work to be done. In the morning, we take a short break, which is provided by our company within working hours and is very much appreciated by my colleagues and me. My working day ends at 2:00 pm. My responsibilities mainly include maintenance and repair work on machines, equipment and buildings, as well as rectifying any equipment malfunctions that occur, which of course take priority. What I like most about my job is that you have to deal with many different technologies, such as electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic.


voestalpine is an attractive employer for me with various benefits.

Mario Moosmann, Project Development High Bay Warehouse

Varying. Customer-oriented. Cost-optimized.

I came to voestalpine Krems Finaltechnik by a happy coincidence. The very good cooperation within the team as well as the exciting planning and construction process of a high-bay warehouse made it an easy decision for me to take the chance and be taken over from leasing. My day starts with checking my built-up high-bay steel construction models, which have been statically calculated overnight. Based on these results, I optimize the model, with the support of our structural engineers, regarding cost efficiency, manufacturability and static utilization. My main task is the technical elaboration of a high-bay warehouse based on the requirements and wishes of our customers, as a basis for the optimized calculation and the offer. In the best cases, when an offer becomes an order, it is also part of my job to hand over to the project manager and to support him in starting the project. In my job it is necessary to communicate with different people and departments, to bring everyone to the right level of knowledge and to coordinate in such a way that no mistakes and friction losses occur at the interfaces.


By now, I have not only decided to stay at voestalpine Krems Finaltechnik, but also to develop professionally within the company.

Raphael Hofbauer, CAD High Bay Warehouse

Joining the team since: January 25, 2017

Planning. Engineering. Checking.

Above all, the technical planning of a high-bay warehouse and the social environment piqued my interest in working here. I start a typical workday at around 6:30 a.m. with a quick check on the voestalpine intranet, and then my actual work begins - designing high-bay warehouses. The individual work steps are divided among several designers, in addition all high-bay warehouses are different from one another. This makes my work very varied. When the design phase of the project is about to end, workshop drawings and assembly plans are still being prepared and all the checks are made to ensure that everything runs smoothly in production and assembly.

A highlight for every designer is to see the designed project in the flesh. During site visits, you have the chance to talk to the assembly supervisors to get feedback on the ease of assembly of the designed components. You can also see the overwhelming dimensions of a high-bay warehouse. Unfortunately, construction site visits are rather rare, which is a pity from my point of view, since you can learn the most as a designer on the assembly line.


The good atmosphere and togetherness are very important to us at CAD. We pull together and support each other. The collegial interaction is very valuable to me, since we spend a third of each and every day at work.

Bernhard Haidl, Production

My day as a welder in production starts at 6 am in the morning. After the welding machine has been turned on, I must have a look at the plans. We always work in pairs on the machines and we also consult with the foreman. Our work is very varied and diverse because we work on a project-related basis. The older colleagues and foremen are also always there with helpful advice. This means that I am constantly learning something new each and every day. There is usually a very good atmosphere here in the production!