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The tube & section solutions for tomorrow

Professionalism, reliability & our network ensure the success of our customers worldwide.

The tube & section solutions for tomorrow

Professionalism, reliability & our network ensure the success of our customers worldwide.

Tomorrow's topics that are already of relevance to you and us today:


Our employees are the key to our success. It's not just the products that make us stand out, but above all the people who shape and drive our company forward.

Stability, partnership, sustainability, innovation and service - these are not just empty words, but are reflected in the dedication of our team. The continuous development of our employees, who share our vision and bring it to life every day, is of crucial importance.


Stronger together:
Our employees shape the success of our company with commitment and passion.

Training and further education

Further, higher, better:
Opportunities for personal development

Corporate culture

Strengthening community, putting values into practice:
RE:TH!NK Culture

Further development

We love it when a plan works:
Developing together


voestalpine is sending a clear signal for a sustainable future with greentec steel, along with other initiatives. This path is not only a business necessity for us, but above all an evidence of our commitment to a sustainable future.

Through focused efforts and investments in environmentally friendly technologies, we are actively shaping our production to minimize CO2 emissions - that is our CO2UNTDOWN to ZERO.


Our mission:
CO2-neutrality by 2030.
We take responsibility and integrate sustainability into every stage of production.

EcoVadis Gold rating

Taking on sustainable responsibility:
We are on the best path

Steel - a sustainable material

From the start to the end:
The sustainable product life cycle

greentec steel

An arc on the horizon:
Green steel until 2027


Our commitment to quality covers the entire production process. From the careful selection of the right pre-material to the core process of roll forming, every step is designed to meet the highest standards.
But our commitment does not end with the finished product. We offer a wide range of further processing options, from bending and laser cutting to precision welding, supported by state-of-the-art welding robots. This expertise in production and further processing makes us a reliable partner for customers who demand the highest quality.


Superior quality, satisfied customers:
we are synonymous with reliability, even when it comes to consistently meeting the highest demands.

Possibilities of quality control

Predictive quality assurance:
Measured & tested

Standards and certifications

Track quality:
We make it possible.

Complex welded assemblies

Customized solutions in series:
Welded assemblies


The brands endurance, leova and vrame represent not just products, but the essence of our commitment to versatility and the highest standards. We offer our customers a wide range of high-quality solutions for a wide variety of applications.

Our comprehensive portfolio includes tailored tubes and hollow sections that meet the highest quality standards, are versatile and provide an ideal basis for demanding applications. Tradition and innovation are combined to create durable and stable solutions in areas such as viticulture, fruit growing, agricultural machinery and profile systems.


Excellent choice:
Learn more about our brands, outstanding quality and the versatility of our tubes and sections

endurance - cold-rolled hollow sections

Precision and quality united: endurance hollow sections

leova® system for viticulture and fruit growing

Trusted innovation:
steel posts and smart add-ons

vrame profile system forr doors and windows

Clever profiles: versatile standard profile system for all door and portal designs


voestalpine Krems products are not just pieces of steel, they represent precision and quality. Our customers' appreciation of this outstanding quality is reflected not only in our reputation, but also in the variety of industries in which our products are used.

From the construction industry to the automotive sector, from the generation of renewable energy to agriculture - our products meet the most diverse requirements. In this way, we help to drive innovation and progress in various sectors while also increasing efficiency and sustainability.


Discover true versatility:
Our tubes and sections play a decisive role in shaping industries from construction to mechanical engineering.

Construction & Mechanical engineering

Comprehensive solutions:
Tubes and sections in construction & mechanical engineering


Innovation and sustainability:
We offer solutions for renewable forms of energy
Material Handling

Material Handling

Storage and conveyor technology:
We have the right answer in stock


In a world that is constantly evolving, we remain at the forefront of the steel processing industry. With our rock-solid dedication to quality and extensive expertise in roll forming and the further processing of cold-rolled tubes and sections, we not only shape products, we shape the path to our customers' success.

But our commitment goes even beyond this: our comprehensive further processing options set standards in the industry. From bending and precise laser cutting to highly sophisticated welding, we do not just offer individual components, but also allow the assembly of complex welded assemblies.

Key techologies

Precision in every step:
From primary material to roll forming and comprehensive further processing, our competence and expertise shapes the future.

Roll forming

Precision and quality:
Lateral thinking for the production of your desired cross-sections

Complex welded assemblies

Customized solutions in series:
Welded assemblies

Assembly production

Welding it all together:
Our welding robot cells.

With a comprehensive range of services, our primary goal is not just to deliver products, but to inspire our customers every day by offering them tailor-made solutions.

This is a promise to our customers - a promise of quality, partnership and a service that not only meets expectations, but exceeds them. Through application consulting, logistics concepts and excellent customer service, we do more than just create products - we create experiences that inspire our customers and form lasting partnerships.


Successful together:
Discover how our services strengthen partnerships and inspire customers.

Simulations and co-engineering

Talk to us:
We can realize together what you envision

Pre-sales and application consulting

We are here for you:
Step by step towards the optimized product

Packaging and load carriers

Safely on the move:
Optimally packaged for every means of transport

Tomorrow's topics that are already of relevance to you and us today:

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