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As unique as our customers

Steel tubes, sections, components and welded assemblies for endless possibilities

We stand for excellence in roll forming of steel,
further processing & services.

We are your competent partner for innovative tube & section solutions made of steel. Our long-term success is based on many years of experience in roll forming and unique materials expertise. We develop customized solutions for specific customer requirements. Professionalism, reliability and our network ensure the success of our customers worldwide and make us ready for future challenges.

  • Cold-rolled steel profiles for customized solutions
    Cold-rolled steel profiles offer the precision that individual customer requirements impose on us. Our quality sets standards.
  • Special tubes with special cross-sections
    Longitudinally welded special tubes in various steel grades and the option of functional integration by means of inline processing.
  • endurance - cold-formed hollow sections with an added value in terms of quality and efficiency
    The precision hollow sections with rectangular or square cross-sections set new standards in terms of both efficiency and quality.
  • Customized components
    We can supply you with ready-to-install components on request, enabling you to optimize your internal production processes and costs.
  • Complex welded assemblies
    Our automated welding cells produce complete assemblies in which several components are joined together with one another or with third-party parts using various welding techniques.

Our brands

A brand is more than just a name or a logo. It is the essence of a company, its values and its distinctiveness. The following is an overview of the various brands that our company proudly presents.