3D sand printing is the future of molding

Innovative 3D printing process for the production of sand molds for complex castings

The innovative 3D printing process enables the production of sophisticated castings without having to make a pattern. The process is used wherever the most efficient production of customized and complex sand molds is required to make castings. The Foundry Group has been a trend setter in the field of 3D printing and will continue to supply steel cast parts in addition to those made in the conventional casting process with patterns. 

Customer advantages are clear at a glance:

The freedom of design is almost without limitation because there are so many possibilities in the casting molds. Even highly complex products are not a problem. The emphasis is clearly on increasing efficiency while conserving resources, which has a very positive effect on considerably reduced production lead times. In addition to direct printing of the sand mold in the upstream process, improved surface accuracy also reduces the time and effort required for processing. 

3D sand printing competence center at the site in Traisen (Lower Austria)

Another positive aspect of 3D sand printing is sustainability. This process also protects the environment by eliminating wooden patterns, integrating sand recycling processes and reducing logistics costs. These measures taken by the Foundry Group have reduced CO2 emissions and have contributed to the attainment of the climate goals set forth by voestalpine AG.

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