The voestalpine Foundry Group has made a name for itself in the worldwide production (Linz, Traisen and China) of high-quality steel castings and nickel-based alloys.  Depending on the material and design, we supply castings that weigh only a few kilograms or up to 200 tons. The castings are mainly used in power generation, oil and gas industries, offshore applications, machinery, railway systems and the automotive sector.

Our product range includes every material that is customary in the industry. We also develop innovative and complex alloys to meet special customer requirements and extreme applications, for example nickel-based alloys to achieve higher efficiency. All castings are available in pre-roughened form or finished form as required. Ready-to-install products save our customers time and money. Surface-layer welding and pressure testing round off our portfolio. 

Innovative technologies in production save resources and revolutionize the production of complex castings in the shortest possible time.