Products are needed extremely fast?
No problem with our FASTLANE service!

By using the latest technologies and preferential treatment in the production schedule, we guarantee considerably shortened and reliable delivery times.

With FASTLANE, we have eliminated the long lead times traditionally associated with casting production. Thanks to innovative 3D sand printing technology, robotic welding and many other optimizations in the production process, we can now produce highly precise and customized castings in record time and deliver your parts faster than ever before.
Despite the speed, FASTLANE does not compromise on quality.


Efficiency Increase

  • By eliminating the need for traditional mold preparation, the manufacturing process is streamlined, allowing for faster delivery of parts to customers.
  • The automated and controlled printing process ensures consistent quality and repeatability, minimizing the risk of errors or defects in the production of cast parts.

Quality Improvement

  • The design freedom of molds is almost limitless compared to the traditional wooden pattern.
  • In addition to direct printing of the sand mold in the up-stream process, improved surface accuracy also reduces the time and effort required for processing.


  • This process also protects the environment by eliminating wooden patterns, integrating sand recycling processes and reducing logistics costs.
3D Sand Printing
Robot Welding

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