Taking a closer look at this product reveals what sets it apart from others.


colofer® is much more than just organic-coated steel strip. colofer® is an inspiring product that creates added value for customers, which translates into superior quality and performance along the entire value chain. 


The special manufacturing method for the ultraplan substrate lends colofer® an extremely flat surface free of medium waviness. Thanks to the ultraplan substrate, colofer® facades not only look particularly aesthetic as a result of their high-quality coating, but also because of their perfectly flat surface.

Every layer is important.


colofer® is a highly complex product consisting of a wide variety of components of the highest quality, each of which plays animportant role in meeting customer requirements. With our deep understanding of this complex interaction, we always provide ourcustomers with the optimum overall package.


Different paint structures depending on product requirements

At first glance it seems like there are other products that are similar, but upon closer examination, they are not. For example, we have been producing colofer® using a completely chrome- and chromate-free process since 1998. However, this does not affect the length of our guarantee periods (up to 40 years) and our high levels of corrosion protection (RC 5). High-tech steel strips produced by voestalpine and paints from renowned European manufacturers in connection with our strong customer orientation make colofer® an all-round carefree package for processing companies and final customers. Building on our vast experience and network of high-quality suppliers and research institutions, we can offer solutions that meet even the most demanding requirements.

Tailored solutions for the roof, wall, drainage and household-appliance industries


colofer® offers versatile application possibilities. The only things that remain constant are the high quality of products and services, and our consistent commitment to remain one step ahead. colofer® provides an impressive combination of function and design for drainage systems, wall claddings, roof tiles and household appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, ovens, stoves and laundry dryers.


Advantages of colofer® as opposed to powder coatings

Converting to powder coating on colofer® has numerous benefits! The use of pre-coated steel strip both increases quality and reduces costs. Analyses show potential savings of up to 30 percent.