Fantasy knows no bounds


Impressively authentic! A wide variety of different surfaces are made impressively true to life by colofer® HOME ILLUSION, for example stainless steel or brushed aluminum. At the same time, the product is highly flexible in function and boasts the highest levels of material quality.

Convincing advantages

  • High-quality imitation of a wide variety of appearances.
  • Excellent functionality

  • Individualized appearance

Typical applications

  • Refrigerators

Examples of colors

A wide selection of different silver color tones Naturally with complete functionality

Sample colors colofer® HOME ILLUSION
Key figures
Total layer thickness> 21 μm
Adhesion after bending≤ 0.5 T1)
Crack formation during bending ≤ 2 T1)
Scratch resistance> 15 N
Adhesion (cross cut)0
Resistance to binding agents (MEK)≥ 50 DH
Resistance to cracking during rapid forming≥ 18 years

1) Dependent on coating type and sheet thickness

Powder coating

Advantages of colofer® as opposed to powder coatings

Converting to powder coating on colofer® has numerous benefits! The use of pre-coated steel strip both increases quality and reduces costs. Analyses show potential savings of up to 30 percent

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