Environmental protection

The only true pioneer

colofer® is a true pioneer when it comes to protecting the environment and employee health and safety. In 1998, voestalpine developed an environmentally compatible colofer® production technology by completely eliminating chromium from the process, without compromising the excellent product performance and long warranty periods.

Environmentally compatible and sustainable steel production
Active environmental protection is firmly anchored in our company philosophy. At least on a European scale, the voestalpine Group is the benchmark with regard to environmental parameters such as emissions and resource efficiency. We continually strive to improve energy efficiency in production processes and to keep up with technological developments in order to achieve the corresponding CO2 reduction effect.

voestalpine has been the recipient of various international awards and was the first steelmaking company to receive the Green Brands award for consistently ecological and sustainable activity (2016). As one of the most sustainable companies in the steelmaking industry, voestalpine was named the Steel Sustainability Champion (2017) by the World Steel Association (worldsteel).

Environmentally compatible strip coating line
Each year, the colofer® strip coating line is among the best with respect to environmental parameters such as CO2 emissions, water treatment and energy consumption in the annual benchmarking analysis carried out by the European Coil Coating Association (roughly 90% of all companies in the industry and more than 50 strip coating lines are included in this survey).

Top-notch performance
You do not have to choose between environmental protection or product performance. colofer® offers you best value in both respects. Applications in RC 5 environments (coastal regions, industrial atmospheres) and warranties of up to 40 years prove our point. We have progressed far along the learning curve and building on our vast experience, we are already working today on solutions for the requirements of tomorrow.

Produkt aus Österreich

Continuously high quality

Thanks to our integrated steel mill at the Linz location, we always have full control of all value-adding process steps involved. colofer® is produced in a single facility using high-precision measuring methods. As a result, our customers benefit from consistently high quality and from products that strictly comply with the agreed specifications.

Best pre-material

Our high-tech steel strip and paints produced by renowned European manufacturers form the foundation for the consistently high level of quality that is characteristic of colofer®. Thanks to our integrated steel facilities at the Linz site, we always have full control of all the value-adding process steps involved. From the ore to the paint.

Consistently high quality

All product properties, e.g., color, gloss, hardness, flexibility, etc., are substantially influenced by the production process. Our modern equipment and high-precision measurement methods ensure the best quality from the first to last meter. colofer® is produced in a single facility at the Linz location. As a result, our customers benefit from consistently high quality and from products that strictly comply with the agreed specifications.

Tested quality and continuous further development

colofer® is exposed in the field at different locations worldwide and undergoes extensive testing procedures at regular intervals. The more extreme the conditions, the more it shows that our aspiration to provide the best quality pays off. On top of this, our scientists continuously work on the further development of our products.

Sustainable voestalpine premium quality with reduced carbon footprint

Ten percent of the direct carbon emissions at the Linz site are avoided through processoptimized operation in the production of greentec steel. Using a balance model, these saved emissions are allocated to the flat steel products supplied by the voestalpine Steel Division. 

The material and processing properties of the steel are not affected in any way by the carbonreduced production route. Each high-quality voestalpine steel strip product is available with its unique profile of benefits and a reduced carbon footprint.

Convincing advantages:

  • Reduced specific carbon footprint
  • Reduced Scope 3 emissions at the customer

  • Individually adjusted carbon footprint based on a verified balance model

  • Unchanged range of grades and dimensions in proven voestalpine premium quality.

  • No change in material and processing properties because the chemical analysis and mechanical profiles remain unchanged.

greentec steel label voestalpine

Properties of greentec steel

greentec steel product*Maximum carbon footprint [kg CO2e per kg of steel]**
Hot-rolled steel strip1.95
Cold-rolled steel strip1.97
Hot-dip galvanized steel strip2.13
Electrogalvanized steel strip2.19
isovac® – Semi-processed electrical steel2.12
isovac® – Fully processed electrical steel
colofer® – organic-coated steel strip2.23

*All products, dimensions and steel grades listed in each voestalpine supply range are available as greentec steel edition.
**The carbon footprint is calculated pursuant to worldsteel CML 2001-2016 (system expansion) on a cradle-to-gate basis.