A multifaceted plus in the functionality and quality of steel strip.

As a market-leading company, it is not enough for voestalpine to only manufacture products with outstanding material properties. Innovative surface treatments provide an improvement to the existing properties when compared to the base material. They extend the fields of application and generate additional benefits that can be tailored to individual customer requirements.


Surface treatments made by voestalpine are very versatile in their application, but are always sustainable and powerful. This is underlined by voestalpine Plus. A sign of environmentally friendly performance enhancement for high-quality steel strip. The power-ups considerably enhance the value of end products while simplifying production processes and saving customer costs.


The various surface treatments lend additional advantages to the steel strip. This saves costs and resources in further processing.

Typical applications

Surface treatments are typically found in applications in the manufacturing, appliance, construction, heating and ventilation industries. There is a suitable product for every additional requirement in your industry.