Developing tomorrow’s solutions with voestalpine 

voestalpine is an Austrian producer of high-quality steels and also one of the most research-intensive companies in the industry. Benefit from our expertise and synergies from other industries, e.g. from the automotive and aerospace industries, for your applications.

Doors and frames

colofer® is the alternative to powder coating. With colofer® , virtually every color can be reproduced in varying surface structures and appearances such as wood, stainless steel or carbon. A special 3D feel makes our wood surfaces hard to differentiate from authentic wood surfaces.

Steel strip for lighting systems

colofer® can be processed in many ways, including deep drawing, roll forming, bending, laser cutting, welding, joining etc. Depending on individual customer requirements, colofer® can be coated on one side (top side only) or on both sides (top and bottom side) with a coating specially developed for the lighting industry.  


The outstanding product properties of colofer®, including high weather and corrosion resistance, uncomplicated formability and easy further processing provide the best prerequisites for efficient solutions for ventilation and air conditioning units. 

colofer® CASING

colofer® CASING is the perfect solution for powder-coated housings in indoor applications. You can significantly reduce your costs and increase efficiency by switching from powder-coated components to colofer® CASING. colofer® CASING is characterized by particularly high scratch resistance and can be processed without the use of any protective film. 

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