Impressive special colors in small lots


colofer® home, the organic-coated steel strip for the household-appliance industry, has already become an important name as a high-quality and high-performance product. But did you know that the colofer® color service can produce most any color, and the product can be supplied in small lots thanks to colofer® coil splitting? This makes colofer® home an ideal choice when it comes to design and flexibility.


colofer® coil splitting

With colofer® coil splitting, you can order up to three coatings per coil. Small batches are available from five tons and above, and thanks to colofer® coil splitting, you can subdivide a coil in up to three different coatings instead of having to order a coil in one special color. This makes it possible to optimally coordinate quantities and requirements, thus reducing left-over material and costs.

Production based on standard color cards or individually created colors? There are no limits to your creativity!

State-of-the-art coil-coating technology makes it possible to create any color shade, whether it be unicolor or a metallic color. Also, our colofer® color service makes it possible to base any color on a standard color card, material sample or other sample suitable for color measurement, e.g. packaging.

Designs also available with an impressive 3D feel that you cannot distinguish from the original!

Yes! Our colofer® is not only available in a very large number of different colors, but also in many different designs, including stainless steel or wood and appear deceptively genuine. A special 3D feel makes our wood surfaces hard to differentiate from authentic wood surfaces.

General approval to guarantee quick order processing

In order to be able to optimally benefit from both colofer® color service as well as colofer® coil splitting, we require your general approval for the requested colors. We guarantee that all new special colors fully meet the property specifications of the standardized colofer® home product. This makes it easy for you to react quickly to market trends.