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voestalpine is an environmental pioneer and environmental protection is an integral part of our corporate philosophy. With our products and processes, we implement measures in the areas of environmental technology, environmental management and recycling worldwide.

How sustainability indices and ratings make our commitment quantifiable
The voestalpine Group has once again made it into the Dow Jones Sustainability Europe Index. Being included in this prestigious sustainability index and scoring in various sustainability ratings not only confirm our environmental and social commitment— they are also key factors in helping investors decide where to put their money.  
Photo: RAG / Karin Lohberger Photography
Together with a research team from K1-MET, voestalpine is investigating new ways to prevent climate-damaging emissions. In the future, CO2 that is produced during steel production—technologically unavoidable—could be converted into a valuable energy source deep in the earth.

greentec steel

Donawitz: the team behind greentec steel
The entire project team is already caught up in the excitement of greentec steel, and not just in Linz. As part of Austria’s largest climate protection program and voestalpine’s most extensive investment project to date, a fresh, green steel wind is now also blowing at the site in Donawitz. It is a megaproject, one that […]
greentec steel: the people behind the megaproject
Austria’s largest climate protection program and the most extensive investment project in our company’s history: greentec steel. A project only made possible thanks to the people behind it. Read on to learn more about the members of the project team in Linz.