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Christoph on #OurFavoriteThings and high-speed high-tech

Ulrike Haider-Schwarz
Als Kommunikatorin berichtet Ulrike Haider-Schwarz für voestalpine rund um aktuelle Schwerpunkte. Ihre Artikel geben regelmäßig Einblicke in die vielfältige Arbeitswelt, die innovativen Produkte & Services und spannenden Zukunftsperspektiven des Konzerns.

Christoph’s working life is all about speed. He works in High Speed Steel and Automotive Components at voestalpine BÖHLER Edelstahl in Kapfenberg. Both rely on high performance materials and experienced professionals to achieve the best solutions.

Christoph is one of the employees who features in the brand campaign. The future is at hand at the new special steel plant in Kapfenberg, and it is here, just a few meters away from where Christoph works every day, that he stood in front of the camera. It’s not just in the video clip that you see him light up with enthusiasm for his job. He also delights in his daily duties as a sales desk employee for voestalpine BÖHLER Edelstahl. Because HIS clients take priority. “His” because Christoph is fully committed to his work. Notable manufacturers of tools such as drills and cutters are among the purchasers of high speed steel. Automotive clients are also a focus for Christoph. He looks after them, helping them put horsepower on the road—although not just on the road, but also on racetracks around the world.


Christoph at his workplace

Completely focused: Christoph is always striving to find the best solutions for HIS clients


Scuderia voestalpine

A small core team deals with the niche market of racing clients, ensuring that motorsport engineers can incorporate high-performance, high-speed components and bring home the wins with materials from voestalpine BÖHLER. One example is the prematerial for the high-tech components which is used by Formula 1 racing teams in England and Italy. Christoph has worked with us for eight years. Before focusing on high speed steel, he worked in energy technology. Around three years ago, he was also assigned to product management for automotive components.

"I wanted to get to know as many business areas at voestalpine BÖHLER Edelstahl as possible. I believe I now have the necessary overview, including high-quality manufacturing, optimum account management for our tool steel clients, and applications in the racing sector."

Christoph attended the higher technical college in Kapfenberg and then started working in project management at a firm. Once at voestalpine BÖHLER Edelstahl, he completed several internal training courses to expand his metallurgy know-how. He is now able to apply this voestalpine-specific expertise to the full in looking after “his” clients.


Christoph talking to his colleagues.

Team spirit and client contact: this is what Christoph enjoys about his job.

#OurFavoriteThings – What Christoph loves:

  • Client contact
  • New developments
  • Team spirit

Christoph’s priority is working hard to find solutions to problems: clients are looking for the best qualities and material properties, for solutions to their problems and challenges. “Working collaboratively on developments and innovations has to be one of the best parts of my job,” summarizes Christoph, “and we can rely on one another as a team.” Colleagues from different departments are always working together to find the best solution for clients. Achieving this requires a shared understanding of the issue, common values such as transparency, and a constructive, respectful culture of dealing with mistakes. And that’s how enthusiasm and expertise can shape the future.

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Ulrike Haider-Schwarz

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