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phs-ultraform® is a breakthrough in press-hardened components with galvanized surfaces. A special hot-dip galvanized boron steel was developed along with a special forming process. Components made with phs-ultraform® combine the advantages of press-hardened steel with the excellent corrosion protection of galvanized voestalpine steel strips. Complex component geometries can be achieved along with high levels of process reliability and cost efficiency. phs-ultraform® is especially suited to large component and high numbers of produced units.

Multifaceted and function-optimized tailored property parts

Complex geometries and special strength properties can be achieved by using special heat treatment processes during heating, cooling and tempering after forming and by using tailor-welded phs-ultraform® blanks. Application-specific component integration makes it possible to reduce the number of required crash-absorbing components and results in enormous light-weight savings.
Now that the indirect hot-forming process has been in practical use for five years, phs-ultraform® has become an integral part of the new series at our customers.
Harald Haslinger, Product Manager, Press-hardening Steels
Hot-dip galvanized steel strip

Hot-dip galvanized steel strip

Hot-dip galvanized steel strip is characterized by its high degree of corrosion resistance, excellent working properties and a wide spectrum of applications.


Tailored to your specific needs, our portfolio ranges from extremely mild to advanced high-strength steel (AHSS) grades and includes widths up to 1,730 mm and thicknesses ranging between 0.5 mm and 3.5 mm. All hot-dip galvanized products of voestalpine have one thing in common: The best processing characteristics and highest degree of corrosion protection. Special features include Galvannealed and ZincMagnesium hot-dip galvanized steel strip.

Steel grades

  • Mild steels for cold forming
  • Structural steels
  • Micro-alloyed steels
  • Bake-hardening steels
  • Higher-strength IF steels
  • Dual-phase steels
  • Complex-phase steels
  • TRIP steels
  • Press-hardening steels for hot forming (phs-ultraform)


  • Surface types ranging from standard A surface to high-end C surface properties
  • Adjustment of defined strip roughness possible
  • Post-treatment to protect against the formation of white rust: wide variety of oils, chromium-free passivation, anti-finger-print system or micro-phosphating

Different types of hot-dip galvanized steel strip 

  • Conventional hot-dip galvanized steel strip (Z) with zinc coating thicknesses ranging from Z70 to Z600 
  • Hot-dip galvanized steel strip galvannealed with zinc-iron coating (ZF) allows coating thicknesses ranging from ZF70 to ZF140. 
  • Hot-dip zinc-magnesium galvanized steel strip (ZM); ZM90–ZM200
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