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We did it! phs-directform®, the world novelty developed by voestalpine, is directly hot-formed, hot-dip galvanized steel strip to be used in corrosion-resistant light-weight components for the automotive industry.

Think Zinc! perFORM HOT. The specialist with ten years of unique experience in the serial production of hot-formed galvanized strip is now setting the next step and impressively demonstrates unsurpassed expertise in the automotive industry.

Now ready for serial production! The innovation sets new standards in corrosion protection and economically efficient production. Now the simplified, improved and more efficient production of press-hardened components and their quality will never be the same again.

When you use phs-directform®, you benefit from excellent cathodic corrosion protection, excellent joining suitability and tensile strength with reduced process steps and simplified furnace technology.

Convince yourself! Trust in the comprehensive range of know-how at voestalpine with

  • Material expertise in our Steel Division.
  • Forming expertise in our Metal Forming Division, including component manufacturing in specialized division companies

Our experts will be pleased to answer any of your questions and to provide more detailed information. Take advantage of the possibility of our prototype production.

Hot-dip galvanized steel strip

Hot-dip galvanized steel strip

Hot-dip galvanized steel strip is characterized by its high degree of corrosion resistance, excellent working properties and a wide spectrum of applications.


Tailored to your specific needs, our portfolio ranges from extremely mild to advanced high-strength steel (AHSS) grades and includes widths up to 1,730 mm and thicknesses ranging between 0.5 mm and 3.5 mm. All hot-dip galvanized products of voestalpine have one thing in common: The best processing characteristics and highest degree of corrosion protection. Special features include Galvannealed and ZincMagnesium hot-dip galvanized steel strip.

Steel grades

  • Mild steels for cold forming
  • Structural steels
  • Micro-alloyed steels
  • Bake-hardening steels
  • Higher-strength IF steels
  • Dual-phase steels
  • Complex-phase steels
  • TRIP steels
  • Press-hardening steels for hot forming (phs-ultraform)


  • Surface types ranging from standard A surface to high-end C surface properties
  • Adjustment of defined strip roughness possible
  • Post-treatment to protect against the formation of white rust: wide variety of oils, chromium-free passivation, anti-finger-print system or micro-phosphating

Different types of hot-dip galvanized steel strip 

  • Conventional hot-dip galvanized steel strip (Z) with zinc coating thicknesses ranging from Z70 to Z600 
  • Hot-dip galvanized steel strip galvannealed with zinc-iron coating (ZF) allows coating thicknesses ranging from ZF70 to ZF140. 
  • Hot-dip zinc-magnesium galvanized steel strip (ZM); ZM90–ZM200
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Household-appliance industry

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