There is always more that can be done.-

There is always more that can be done.

We unite leading edge technologies with new qualities. For strip steel products - from saws to high-tech components - rolled and heat-treated in leading quality. Innovative profiling and machining. Perfectly prepared for final production.

A distinction is made between steel rolled quickly and steel rolled well - in the homogeneity of the metal structure, and finally in the application behaviour. The same applies to heat treatment. In the ongoing checks of all technical parameters, we at voestalpine Precision Strip prefer cold-rolling more cautiously, and more often. We anneal up to two days to attain perfect material quality. To do this, one of the world′s latest state of the art rolling mills has been installed at the Kematen site.

Leading worldwide standards in bimetal technology - developed by us in-house. Our outstanding longitudinal welding method is used to join metals with different properties - with unbeatable loadability and performance.

Production depth originating from innovational strength - we do not just manufacture your products with greater quality. We also produce them more cost-efficiently. For that purpose we use our extensive range of expertise and system resources for a high production level:
  • Surfaces with high-quality tempering for long working life under harsh conditions
  • Precisely machined edges
  • Homogeneously cold-rolled profiles saving you time and money in subsequent production

The result - saw blades, die-cutting rules, knife blades  and innovative strip steel applications that prove to be technologically and economically superior in practical use.
Cold-rolling and annealing
Profile-rolling technology
Bimetal technology
Focus on innovation