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Pioneering Wire Solutions for the Energy Industry

22 June 2021 | 

Energy supply is a topic that affects every one of us in almost all areas of life. Our quality of life depends, among other things, directly on a reliable supply of energy at an affordable price. Hence, the energy sector is tremendously important. Therefore, it is important for voestalpine Wire Technology to offer innovative wire solutions for this sector.

Our pioneering and innovative wire solutions for the energy sector ensures that our customers are the decisive step ahead. We are reliable, flexible and efficient in meeting the demands of the energy sector, and are specialists in customized solutions.

Broad Product Portfolio from voestalpine Wire Technology for the Energy Sector

We offer the industry's broadest range of products for complex and demanding challenges, from steel production to wire rod and drawn wire of the highest complexity - everything from a single source.

Flat and Profile Wire for demanding Special Applications in the Oil and Gas Sector

Our flat and shaped wire is used in the oil and gas industry for flexipipeswire wrapped screens and supply lines.

Our flat and shaped wire with cross sections of around 2 mm² to 200 mm² meet the very highest quality standards. We manufacture a wide variety of profiles including rectangular and trapezoidal shaped wireflat wire, square-cut and semicircular wire, as well as customized shapes for a variety of potential applications.

Our Strengths

Our specialists at voestalpine Wire Technology enjoy the challenge of producing flat and shaped wire with excellent properties.

  • Strict adherence to schedules, flexibility and partnership with our customers
  • Pioneer in materials testing and simulating cold and warm heading
  • High added value and influencing of all process parameters along the production chain
  • Collected expert know-how along the entire integrated production process
  • Research and development partnerships with leading industrial enterprises and universities

Our long-term partnerships with customers underscore the trust placed in the quality of our products and our power to innovate at voestalpine Wire Technology.

Prestressing Steel for the highest Quality Standards

In the area of drawn wires, prestressing steel wire or prestressing steel strands are supplied for the prestressing of wind power plants as well as large containers - all with the aim of meeting the requirements of our customers at the highest level.

An integrated production chain enables the necessary continuous quality control and traceability of our products.

With our prestressing steel products, we are a reliable partner to our customers in the energy sector.


  • Our prestressing 7-wire strands are supplied with cross-sectional areas ranging from 100 mm² to 150 mm², depending on customer requirements. Compacted prestressing 7-wire strands have a cross-sectional area of 165 mm². All strands exhibit very low relaxation.

voestalpine Wire Technology also manufactures a variety of rod dimensions with plastic sheathing.  Before sheathing with HDPE, bare, compacted or galvanized strands are optionally provided with an additional corrosion protection layer made of grease or wax. Due to their excellent properties, these products are suited for a wide variety of uses.

Innovative ultra-high-strength Fine Wires for industrial High-end Applications

The ultra-high-strength fine wires produced by voestalpine Special Wire lead the field in quality and technology.

Using excellent pre-materials, we produce ultra-high-strength fine wire with optimal material properties to ensure maximum customer benefit for the wires developed according to the customer’s requirements.

voestalpine Special Wire has state-of-the-art plant and equipment, and excellent specialist competence in the production of ultra-high-strength fine wire. Our strengths are flexibility and working in partnership with our customers. Our ultra-high-strength fine wires are used in the semi-conductor and photovoltaics industry.

We enjoy the challenge of designing individual solutions for our customers.