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2 February 2021 | 

Have you already discovered our new product search to find your perfect choice of wire technology products? If not, you are just one click away!

Recently we refreshed our website and added some features like the new product search, where users can easily find their desired products.

The product search allows you to simple type a keyword into the search field, or to scroll through the defined categories “Fine Wire”, “Drawn Wire” or “Wire Rod”.

In order to make the selection uncomplicated, we prepared a short introduction for each item to find the product you searched for easily: 

Once you have chosen a product we offer links to more information, including technical specifics, other related products and some details about the application fields. With this, all questions should be clarified and you will find your suitable product.

More service creates added value and this is what we stand for.

Visit the product search and take advantage of our product portfolio that covers wire made from more than 400 steel alloys in the unalloyed, low-alloy and medium-alloy ranges.

Take a look and tell us what you think! For more technicalities or specific questions, don’t hesitate to use the contact button on the right side.