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for extreme torques, extended reach wells and rotation operations

VAxplorer® is a  CAL IV Casing Connection with high torque capability. 

  • Thread design for high yield torque (for size 5-1/2” x 23 ppf P110 above 22000 ft•lbs)
  • 100% compression & tension efficiency
  • Successfully tested according to ISO13679:2002 CAL IV and API 5C5:2017
  • Finite Element Analyses of Make-up, Series A and Series B test
  • Gas sealability, also tested with bending and internal pressure


Product characteristics & customer benefits

CAL IV connection

minimizes risks

  • The connection design is successfully tested according to ISO13679: 2002 CAL IV and API RP 5C5.


High torque capability

Ensures well integrity

  • Supplemental tests for gas sealability at yield torque were performed, also with bending (20°) and internal pressure.


Rotation & extended reach

VAxplorer® helps to protect against unexpected costs

  • VAxplorer® is a tailor-made product for extended reach wells and rotational operations. It withstands the severe impact on the material during rotational operations in extended reach wells and grants 100% compression and tension efficiency.