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The smart solution for unlimited runtime

PexTec® offered by voestalpine Tubulars provides benefits exceeding the standards and surpassing alternative lining solutions for sucker rod or progressive cavity pumped wells currently available on the market.

Product characteristics & customer benefits

Increased Runtime

Saves Workover costs

  • PexTec® eliminates tribocorrosion by keeping abrasion, mainly caused by the sucker or PCP rod, away from the steel tubing, which increases the runtime between tubing-related workovers by up to 20 times, leading to a significant reduction of workover costs. If sucker rods are equipped with spray metal couplings, the run-time can be further improved.


Smooth internal surface

Reduces friction and energy costs

  • The smooth inner surface also reduces friction, easing the pumping operations and therefore reducing energy costs at the same time. The impact of the smaller inner diameter on the flow rate is compensated by a lower friction coefficient. 


Solution for directional wells

Protects bended sections

  • PexTec® is the smart solution for deviated wells, protecting the tubing string especially in the bended areas, where frictional forces of sucker and progressive cavity pumped rod strings have the highest impact.


Thermal insulation

Reduces paraffin impairment costs

  • The liner, acting as a thermal insulation, reduces the paraffin adherence in the pipe string.