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VAtitan®-TC - The new wedge type connection

19 August 2020 | 

We proudly present our new wedge type casing connection VAtitan®-TC, with the highest torque rating in the industry. It is the connection of choice for the most challenging extended reach shale wells all over the world.  

VAtitan®-TC product characteristics:

  • Deep stabbing, low turn make up --> Increases efficiency and speed during installation
  • Connection performance evaluated for multi-fractured horizontal wells.
  • Extreme torque capabilities --> Connection has been physically validated to demonstrate structural integrity even during extreme over-torque scenarios where yield torque is exceeded.

Only a few weeks ago two of our customers installed pipes with VAtitan®-TC - a wedge type thread connection with the highest torque rating in the industry - for the first time. Both installation crews were very happy with the easy handling and time-savings.

voestalpine Tubulars’ R&D team developed the VAtitan®-TC with the intent of providing not only a connection that could withstand extreme torques, but would also provide the end user with advantages in easy handling and fast make-up during installation.