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VAroughneck® - Customized for rotating operations

15 October 2020 | 

VAroughneck® was developed for applications where rotation of the pipe is required, for example in deviated wells and during cementing. But what distinguishes this connection from the others?

What are the benefits of VAroughneck®?

  • The strong VAroughneck® connection ensures well integrity.
  • The flush internal profile minimizes turbulences and provides good conditions for internal pipe coating.
  • The opportunity to rotate the string during cementing helps to improve the quality of the cement bond.
  • Its compatibility with API Buttress provides a cost saving advantage for you.

You can find the brand new catalogue with all important details and the dimensional overview in the link below.

VAroughneck® is designed for the following applications

  • Deviated wells
  • Completion of extended-reach wells
  • Drilling with casing

The most important advantages of this premium connection are:

  • The make-up is limited by pin-to-pin contact
  • At least twice the torque capability of API Buttress
  • Minimized risk of jump out failures under bending loads