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#preparedfortheworldafter with TechMet & MetLab

6 April 2021 | 

#preparedfortheworldafter with TechMet & MetLab - the mini steel mill for highest flexibility

Together we succeed...

... with new opportunities for customized grades & products!

What does it mean and what is the customer benefit?

What does TechMet mean? Technikum Metallurgy
What does MetLab mean? Metallurgy Laboratory

And what is that actually?
The so-called Mini-Mill is a complete steel mill in miniature. TechMet is a research facility that quickly enables production of materials for tomorrow in small quantities (from 3 metric tons) for testing purposes. Later on, results can be transferred easily to large-scale plants.

More information?

  • Visit the voestalpine Steel Donawitz R&D website,
  • contact us directly via Contactfinder or
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