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Opening of the most modern continuous casting plant in the world: CC4 at the Donawitz site

5 November 2020 | 

A few weeks ago, the world's most modern continuous casting plant was opened at the Donawitz site. This is also important for our esteemd customers and us, as we receive the billets (=pre-material for our pipe rolling mill) from this location. 

Fully digitized CC4 plant

Since the opening of the fully digitized CC4 plant, a further increase in quality has been achieved in the production of steel grades.

This gives us even purer steels with optimum surface properties, which in turn provide even better conditions for our further processing. For our end products, such as crane construction, boiler or axle tubes, this means that they have even fewer undesirable metallurgical inclusions that can cause defects, are even more resistant and thus offer even greater product safety and longer service life - much to the delight of our customers.


You can find more information about our production steps in the links below: