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New catalogs: Proprietary Grades & Imagefolder

8 October 2015 | 

The Proprietary Grades catalog and the Imagefolder of voestalpine Tubulars have been renewed and are available as download or hardcopy.

The new version of our Proprietary Grades catalog includes some major changes and additions compared to the previous edition.

The most important changes are listed below:

  • New grades have been added – Enhanced Properties, Extreme Properties, 3%Cr Grades.
  • The high collapse values are now shown for all grades in combination with the related thread types. This is also the case for Enhanced Properties (EP), Extreme Properties (XP) and the combination of Sour-Service with High Collapse and Enhanced Properties.
  • The nace diagram, where mild and standard solution areas are shown, has been added to the sour service grades.

Download English version here: Proprietary Grades English
Download Russian version here: Proprietary Grades Russian


The new Imagefolder of voestalpine Tubulars offers a quick overview of our company, products and testing facility.

Download here: Imagefolder voestalpine Tubulars