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New certificate - Asset Management System

8 October 2018 | 

Since 2012 voestalpine Tubulars has been operating Integrated Managementsystems covering the topics quality, environment, safety, health and energy. In July 2018 the system expanded to include the Asset Management according to ISO 55001.

Asset Management

“Asset Management” (AM) deals with all planned activities which affect the asset investments. The most important aspect of the launch and integration of Asset Management in the existing system is to find a good balance between the different aspects of the systems:

  • Performance
  • Risks
  • Environment
  • Safety
  • Social Aspects
  • Quality
  • Costs

The Asset Management System has been integrated in the existing system because the available structures and organizational units have been used to extend the system and to go one step ahead to the holistic approach of the company.


  • Asset means “asset investmens” of the company
  • Asset Management covers all planned activities regarding investment holdings
  • ISO 55001 is an international standard for the AM

Goals of the Asset Managemensystem

  • Maximum of generated value through assets to reach the goals of the company and business success
  • Achievement of an optimal balance between the performance of assets, costs and acceptable risks of the company
  • Achievement of a balance between financial, environmental and social aspects, risks, quality and services as well as asset performance