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More flexibility thanks to new thread finishing line

14 December 2022 | 

The new Multi-Purpose Line (MPL) at voestalpine Tubulars in Kindberg is a thread-finishing plant that is the only one of its kind.

The plant is not comparable to any other plants at all, because it is absolutely unique.

voestalpine Tubulars is a specialist for high-tech seamless tubes, and the connection from the existing plant to the new MPL is just as seamless as the tubes themselves.

Developed and implemented in-house by the experts at voestalpine Tubulars, the system will be even more flexible in the future regarding production lots, coating variants, and the special processing of connecting pieces.

The new Multi-Purpose Line (MPL)

The compact MPL makes optimum use of every centimeter of hall space. A sophisticated transport system moves the pipes from one unit to the next.

To take up as little space as possible, a vertical conveyor, for example, lifts the pipes more than three meters into the air for cooling. The MPL is currently in the final stages of commissioning.

There are many thread blasting machines - but none like this one


There are many thread-blasting machines in the world.

But none is like the new one at voestalpine Tubulars.

Here, state-of-the-art technology is used to blast the thread inside and out with such precision that the surface is of the highest quality and at the same time ideally prepared for phosphating.

In the future, coating variants such as "DryTec" can also be applied even more flexibly with the new pipe thread coating plant.

With this dry thread coating, pipes can be screwed directly at the point of use without lubricants.

For customers, this means not only environmental friendliness but also time and cost savings during installation.

Innovation in pipe coating

Usually, manganese phosphating is used, voestalpine Tubulars uses electrochemical phosphating.

A process that is not only unique in pipe coating, but also of even higher quality than the standard treatment.

Peter Winkler, Operations Manager

With the new MPL, we can respond even more individually to customer requirements and provide solutions with high-alloy materials and state-of-the-art technologies in a wide variety of combinations.

Peter Winkler, Operations Manager

Our project team

In a total of 28 individual projects, voestalpine Tubulars handled the construction of the new complete line entirely on its own. This was a complex undertaking which, in addition to four project managers, also required eight technical experts as well as internal electricians and fitters for almost two and a half years.

The extensive preparatory work for the hall expansion and the required infrastructure, as well as enormously long delivery times and delays in control technology components, presented the project team with challenges.

Helmut Jungbauer, Project Manager

The technical centerpieces of our plant are the thread-blasting line, the pipe thread coating line, and the electrochemical phosphating line. These are unique in the world.
Without the great team with its enormous commitment, the project would not have been so well implemented.

Helmut Jungbauer, Project Manager