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By exploring various transportation options between capture sites and storage locations, the role of Liquid CO2 carriers is set to become crucial in the value chain as marine shipping represents a safe and flexible solution to long-distance transportation.

Classification society DNV has granted voestalpine Grobblech a new Approval of Manufacturer (AOM) Certificate for its F550 TMCP toughcore for liquefied carbon dioxide (LCO2) transport, marking a significant milestone in the world of carbon-steel materials.

Liquid Carbon Dioxide (LCO2) cargo handling brings new challenges to tank designers and manufacturers due to its particular physical properties. One of the challenges for example is how to balance pressure and deep temperatures to be able to liquify Carbon Dioxide and at the same time prevent dry ice formation in the tank. 

Designed by voestalpine Grobblech to meet the highest safety standards for liquefied carbon dioxide (LCO2) transport and storage, the F550 TMCP toughcore has been recognised by Bureau Veritas as an alternative metallic material according to the IGC Code and IMO guidelines. The material's unparalleled capabilities are poised to change the landscape of LCO2 handling.

voestalpine Grobblech’s next generation Carbon Manganese steel “F 550 TMCP toughcore®” is replacing conventional Ni steel for LCO2 cargo tanks with considerable project savings. HB Hunte Engineering partnered with voestalpine Grobblech in Linz, Austria utilizing our newly developed VLF 550 toughcore® material with very high strength, outstanding material properties even at very low temperatures and at a comparable low price.

Together with the successfully passed EN 10225 - prequalification and as another track record for toughcore®, voestalpine Grobblech won an exciting arctic-project located north of Norway in the Barents Sea.

Caused by the severe operating conditions of the project matters, voestalpine Grobblech was challenged to fulfill most stringent requirements in respect to Charpy toughness in combination with a high wall thickness, guaranteed tensile strength and minimum yield strength ...

With toughcore® - voestalpine Grobblech is having the right product for the upcoming activities in the oil & gas business and is happy to report another booking of toughcore® heavy plates for the offshore construction business.

The toughcore® production line was successfully put into operation in October 2016. voestalpine Grobblech is pleased to announce the first toughcore® order plates for a demanding ONSHORE-LINEPIPE project. voestalpine Grobblech again have got ONE STEP AHEAD.