Innovative design

Current jacket structures meet extraordinary requirements in X and K joints with regard to stress, buckling, yield strength and toughness. Current plate limitations allow a maximum component thickness of 100 mm in grade S420. The design of these components can be optimized with high-strength toughcore® for sufficient wall thickness and excellent toughness. This allows higher loads and increased safety levels.

Reduce weights

Larger offshore platforms and wider gaps between their columns require thicker material to avoid excessive deflection when using the same steel grade. This leads to an increase of the platform weight. On the other hand, the weight reduction of the topsides is an essential issue as heavier decks require larger buoyancy units to carry the loads, which again leads to increase cost. High-strength toughcore® plates with high wall thicknesses and excellent toughness are now available to optimize the design, lower the weight and reduce the cost (production, transportation and installation) of your platform while improving safety levels.


Explore harshest environment

The superb material properties of toughcore® and the finest microstructure throughout the entire cross section of thick plates guarantee highest safety levels during operation of offshore platforms and jackets, even at very low temperatures and in the exploration of frontier projects.

Protect the offshore structure

Offshore platforms und floaters located in arctic areas are exposed to extreme conditions with regard to CVN and CTOD due to ice loads and collisions with ice sheets or icebergs. This is why platforms and floaters are equipped with a reinforcement at the water line with thicker plates (up to 70 mm) with higher toughness–the so called “ice belt”. toughcore® significantly improves toughness-related properties at very low temperatures and large wall thicknesses. Accidental collisions can occur with ships above and below the water line. The “ship collision zone“ must feature extraordinary high material toughness (CVN) and withstand strain. In arctic areas, the ambient temperature is also very low, which leads to a worsening of this problem. Using toughcore® TMCP plates with extreme high toughness, you are able to increase the level of safety for your offshore structure, even at very low temperatures.

Available dimensions

  • toughcore® TMCP plates (e.g. S355 / S420 / S460) up to a thickness of 140 mm
  • Outstanding toughness down to – 100°C
  • Plate widths up to 3,850 mm
  • Plate lengths up to 18,700 mm
  • Weights of up to 20 tons per plate