Despite the continuing difficult conditions in the oil & gas industry, we repetitively see projects in areas with demanding requirements. 

Lately we were able to observe activities, especially in the Northern Sea area. To withstand the harsh environment up in the north and in order to fulfill the requirements of the upcoming projects, highest toughness with respect to charpy v-notch (CVN) impact energy in combination with high wall thickness is required.

With toughcore® - voestalpine Grobblech is having the right product for upcoming activities and is happy to report another booking of toughcore® heavy plates for the offshore construction business!

Requirements for the particular order:

  • Steel grade:

S355 G10+M

  • Plate thickness:

130 mm 

  • Toughness:

CVN at – 40°C 

  • Test position:

½ thickness 

Our thickness limitation for TMCP steels acc. to EN10225 was 100 mm so far. By using toughcore® we are now able to provide the required properties of EN10225 for these TMCP steels up to 130 mm and soon even prequalified acc. to NORSOK!

The superb material properties of toughcore® and the finest microstructure throughout the entire cross section of thick plates guarantee highest safety levels during operation of offshore platforms and jackets, even at very low temperatures and in the exploration of frontier projects.

Current jacket structures meet extraordinary requirements in X and K joints with regard to stress, buckling, yield strength and toughness. Current plate limitations allow a maximum component thickness of 100 mm. The design of these components can be optimized with high-strength toughcore® for sufficient wall thickness and excellent toughness. This allows higher loads and increased safety levels.

Our new generation of thermomechanically rolled (TMCP) steel is manufactured in a completely new and patented process that enables unique combinations of properties with respect to thickness, strength, excellent toughness and best weldability.

If you have any question on toughcore® heavy plates, please contact or your personal partner at voestalpine Grobblech GmbH.