General engineering 

The use of improved materials enables engineers to develop new and better products and processes. Innovative new materials save lives (medical instruments, armor, advanced sensors), save energy (lightweight cars, more efficient machines), and expand human horizons (smartphones, basic research and particle physics). 

In the 21st century, modern high-performance materials are helping to change our world once again and to solve problems. voestalpine Specialty Metals offers you these materials! They have exceptional properties that enable improvements in your components and end products. 

We invite you to talk with us about materials that can improve your products or processes. We have extensive experience in providing expert advice on material selection. 

We are not just a supplier, but act as your partner in problem solving. 

Our materials are resistant to high temperatures, corrosion and wear, and can: 

  • Reduce downtime and maintenance 
  • Increase efficiency by raising the permissible operating temperature 
  • Reduce emissions 
  • Reduce life-cycle costs
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