September 24, 2020

Investment to meet growing demands from its oil & gas customers.

vSM are supporting their customers build the next generation of downhole components for both drilling and completions. With the addition of the new equipment, vSM have the ability to print parts in a variety of materials from Cobalt Chrome, Maraging steels, Nickel Alloys, as well as Titanium.

The Houston, TX, voestalpine Additive Manufacturing Centre was inaugurated in 2018 and is certified according to ISO9001/2015. They offer a complete value service solution for Additive Manufacturing including design, simulation, prototyping and production of the finished part.

Brian Van Burkleo, Global Director, Oil & Gas:

“Additive Manufacturing allows unique and innovative designs that were previously not possible using conventional manufacturing methods. As the demands on performance and operational safety increases, especially for the Oil & Gas industry, we see an increased interest from major O&G companies and service companies/OEMs to both try out new designs with prototypes and produce large series of parts for operational use. Since operations commenced in 2018, our team have put the start-up period well behind them. They continue to meet and exceed the demands of our customers’ unique requirements. ”

Despite the current challenging environment, the company continues to invest in the United States and is fully committed to supporting its oil & gas customers over the short and long term.

Houston, TX, September 24, 2020

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