Whether airplanes or rockets, the aerospace industry is one of the most important sectors and is characterized by steady growth. For most aerospace projects, companies from various countries work together over a long time period.  

voestalpine Specialty Metals is certified according to all international quality standards and customer specifications for the aerospace industry, and has one of the worlds´ largest warehouses for this sector.





Meeting energy demands while protecting the environment is one of the challenges of our time. Turbines for producing electricity are subjected to extreme thermal and mechanical loads, and this durability test could not be any tougher. We can provide highly heat-resistant steels and alloys that make it possible to continuously improve the efficiency of turbines. The world’s most well-known turbine builders are our customers for a reason





Our products and services can be found in every field of oil and gas production and processing, from upstream processes in which petroleum compounds are explored to downstream activities in which extracted oil and gas is processed, cracked or transformed as a feedstock.



The chemical processing industry comprises companies from various sectors, as well as their suppliers. This requires the maximum degree of flexible and individual solutions for materials and products, and we are fully able to provide this specialist support.



General Engineering

The functional properties of our steel products, combined with their exceptional processability, sets new standards in mechanical engineering.

We are serving:

  • The medical industry
  • The electronics and semi-conductor Industry
  • The automotive industry
  • Research and development

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