Steel profiles are a versatile and durable solution that is gaining ground in various industries. Their unique properties and structural advantages have led to a growing role in a variety of industries. In this article, we will explore the applications of steel profiles in the industrial, construction, mobility and solar industries.


Steel profiles in the industrial sector

Steel profiles are widely used in factories and production facilities. They serve as the backbone of industrial structures and machine frames. The high strength and structural integrity of steel profiles contribute to the efficiency and safety of industrial processes. They provide support and stability even under extreme conditions. 

Steel profiles in the solar industry

The solar industry has benefited from the versatility of steel profiles. They are used for solar installations on roofs and carports, providing a solid base for solar panels. Steel profiles also find application in large-scale solar power plants and solar parks, where they provide support for the solar panels and other installations. The innovative applications of steel profiles in the solar sector contribute to sustainable energy generation. 

Where do you find custom made steel profiles in products?
Where do you find custom made steel profiles from voestalpine Sadef?

Steel profiles in the construction industry

In the construction industry, steel profiles are often used for load-bearing structures of buildings. They provide a solid foundation and contribute to the stability of the structure. Whether for commercial complexes or residential houses, steel profiles offer durable and cost-effective solutions. They are adaptable in design and can be adapted to specific building needs.

Steel profiles in the mobility sector

Steel profiles play an essential role in the mobility sector, especially in the construction of bridges, tunnels and viaducts. They provide the required strength and durability to support these infrastructure projects. In addition, steel profiles are used in road and rail infrastructure, where they provide stability and reliability. In vehicle structures and transport equipment, steel profiles contribute to structural integrity and safety. 

Steel profiles for transport


The versatility and durability of steel profiles make them indispensable in various sectors. From the industrial sector to construction, mobility and solar industries, steel profiles make a valuable contribution to the efficiency, safety and sustainability of diverse applications. With their structural advantages, steel profiles remain an essential.

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