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Quality and environmental policies

Automotive tubular assemblies

As a process and materials specialist, we join ranks with you to develop product solutions that live up to ever-higher requirements and ensure a successful market presence for our customers. Long-term partnerships, high quality standards and a drive for innovations make us the top professional partner for industrial tube applications.

You can find the certificates here!


Our path to climate neutrality

Decarbonisation is the central keyword in meeting the challenges of climate change. Therefore, we have set ourselves a concrete goal to do our part in limiting the global temperature increase. As part of the Metal Forming Division, we are committed to CO2UNTDOWN TO ZERO. Our clearly defined goal is to make the entire voestalpine Rotec Group CO2-free by 2035.

In this context, we have already started numerous projects at all our locations, which include continuous process improvements, energy savings or, for example, switching to/or generating our own renewable energy. In addition, we pay close attention to CO2 emitters outside our manufacturing processes, especially in connection with the production of raw materials and transport.

The live ticker and further information on our CO2 roadmap can be found here: