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We are experts for experts – tube experts who draw up and implement solutions at eye level with our customers’ experts!

 Helmut Schwarz and Silvia Estermann, Managing Directors voestalpine Rotec Group

You as our customer are at the centre of what we do!

Our long-tube customers appreciate our high level of flexibility, the outstanding quality of our products and the way we deal with order processing. We are a reliable partner and ensure that delivery deadlines are complied with.

From development to serial production

Our customers from the automotive industry know that you can rely on a competent partnership, starting from development and prototype production all the way to serial production of precision tubes.

Growth through further processing

By expanding our capacities in the field of further processing, we are planning on expanding further. With our proprietary plant construction within the Rotec Technology Center and our competence in the field of tool construction and tool production, we offer you complete (tube-) solutions: one voice to the customer!

Results-orientated growth

Our growth strategy always remains focused on results. Operating results and returns come before turnover growth and ensure the long-term success of production sites.

Development partnerships

Our partners in the field of plant construction and our customers’ development experts are the cornerstones of our further technological development. These activities are complemented by close cooperation with other enterprises within the voestalpine Group.

Independence & internationalism

As voestalpine Rotec Group, we continue to act as an independent group of companies with a network of locations and sales offices in eleven countries and on three continents.

Rotec Production System

With our structured production system that is applied throughout the group, we strive for a comprehensive approach with regard to what every Rotec Group location should look like. Essential cornerstones are process orientation, standardisation and visualisation, activities for improvement as well as our zero-defect-philosophy.

Our staff: key to our success

As the guardians of our know-how and expertise, our employees are essential to our success as a group. Together, we strive to continuously improve processes and ensure that our sites remain competitive. We respect the differences of the individual subsidiaries while simultaneously looking for what unites rather than what divides us.

Environment and safety

We systematically seek to reduce the environmental impact of our business as well as the safety risks that our employees are exposed to. In particular with relation to the new conception of plants and the improvement of processes, we drive forward this optimisation process in terms of environmental impact and health and safety.