Our mission: 0% CO2 emissions by 2035

Climate change is the biggest challenge of our time. We are working to meet this challenge, setting ourselves the goal to become CO2-neutral in the Metal Forming Division by 2035. Only when everyone in the value chain does their part can we jointly achieve our common goal.

Already today, numerous projects to save energy, optimize processes, source green electricity, or even to generate our own renewable energy are underway at our locations around the world, together with efforts to motivate our suppliers to implement their own climate protection measures.

Locations worldwide
Current projects
MWh of electricity generated each year
Tons of CO2 saved each year by generating our own electricity


The CO2UNTDOWN TO ZERO has started!

We are producing our own electricity (in MWh/a):

voestalpine Precision Strip GmbH
voestalpine Automotive Components Bunschoten B.V.
voestalpine Automotive Components Linz GmbH & Co. KG
voestalpine Krems GmbH


Tons of CO2 saved to date by generating our own renewable energy 


Our CORoadmap


Save energy and optimize processes

Energy which is not consumed cannot create emissions—so our goal is to save energy wherever we can. We plan to achieve this by continuously improving our manufacturing processes and site infrastructures.

One method is to use the waste heat from manufacturing to heat office space, for example, or to improve building insulation.

voestalpine Metal Forming GmbH - Development of CO2-optimized production processes is continuously going ahead.
Development of CO2-optimized production processes is continuously going ahead.


We have already converted electricity procurement at all our locations to the following shares of renewables.

Switching to renewable energy sources

Electricity generation creates CO2 emissions—because electricity does not just simply come out of the power outlet. 

That is why we have started converting to electricity generated from renewables. Locations in both Austria and Brazil are already exclusively using green electricity, and our other locations are well on their way to joining them.


Producing our own green energy

Sourcing only renewable energy is not enough for us. We also produce it directly where it is needed: at our production sites. To this end, large-scale photovoltaic systems are are installed on roofs, walls and open spaces. Where possible, we also use hydropower.

At our site in Bunschoten, the Netherlands, for example, we have installed the country’s largest photovoltaic system. Its 35,000 solar panels have saved us 5,700 tons of CO2 emissions to date.

iFIX, made by voestalpine Automotive Components Schwäbisch Gmünd.
We have produced not only the sections on all the photovoltaic systems we install in-house, but also the supporting construction: iFIX, made by voestalpine Automotive Components Schwäbisch Gmünd.


voestalpine Metal Forming GmbH - Minimizing the CO2 footprint of our products
From raw materials to transport: we take a very close look at the potential for CO2 savings in our products.

Minimizing the CO2 footprint of our products

Emissions are not only generated during production. The production of pre-materials such as steel plate and aluminium can emit huge volumes of CO2. Freight transport also has an impact on climate.

That is why we pay careful attention to where each share of our CO2 emissions originates. We also consider how we can further reduce CO2 emissions along the entire value chain—for example, during transport, with our primary products, and by procuring materials from suppliers who, like us, have a CO2 reduction plan.


Raise environmental awareness

We want to fully exploit every opportunity to reduce CO2 and so we have established a range of projects which will serve to support this mission beyond our own operations.

CO2 is the "new currency". We still sometimes find it a little difficult to deal with this currency. Everyone knows roughly what a liter of milk, a kilo of beef, a liter of diesel or a bicycle costs. But who knows how much CO2 these products actually cause in their production? However, this knowledge of the CO2 footprint is a basis for climate-conscious action. We want to actively make a contribution and develop environmental product declarations including the CO2 footprint of our products, and even create simple CO2 calculators to help developers, employees and customers. Because those who know nothing, must believe everything. Or put differently: Who is not aware of the CO2 footprint, believes to act environmentally conscious. Test yourself: What causes more CO2? 1 kg of beef, 1 kg of steel, 1 kg of aluminum or 1 liter of milk? Are you sure?

voestalpine Metal Forming GmbH - Creating understanding for climate-conscious action starts with our youngest employees - the apprentices.
Creating understanding for climate-conscious action starts with our youngest employees - the apprentices.