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Competitive E-Coating with High-Quality Standards

Our Romanian site – voestalpine Rotec Coating SRL in Timisoara – is specialized in high-quality, competitive cataphoretic coating (e-coating).

The e-coating process, where water-based paint is deposited on the component under direct voltage, is environmentally friendly, offers excellent corrosion protection ( > 400 h salt spray test) and also allows the coating of internal areas.

Our coating possibilities

Any part that fits into the e-coating device/rack general dimensions can be coated:
•    Max. surface of coating unit: 10 m²
•    Max. rack active volume: 1.65 m³
•    Max. rack dimensions: 2,200 mm x 600 mm x 1,250 mm
•    Coating thickness range: 10-40 microns
•    Colour: black

In-house tests and inspection

We run specific in-house tests, which allow immediate feedback and guarantee that the layer behavior is matching the expectations:
•    Salt spray tests
•    Erichsen tests
•    Cross-cut tests etc.
We are thereby prepared, if required, to do a 100 % inspection of the coated products.