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voestalpine Rotec Coating SRL

Timisoara, Romania

Since end of the year 2017 the voestalpine Rotec Coating SRL is a member of the voestalpine Rotec Group and employs a staff of more than 160 people. The company is based in Timisoara in the west of Romania. The seat belt pretensioner are coated by the voestalpine Rotec Coating SRL using chatodic dip-coating (CDC). Cathodic dip-coating, or CDC, uses a direct current to deposit the coating on the inside and outside of the tube components, offering protection against rust and other damage throughout their service life. This ensures that the finished part functions as intended over the long term. Consequently, the coating is more than just an optical element, and should be regarded as an important part of the Rotec value chain.  

voestalpine Rotec Coating SRL
Ovidiu Cotrus Str. 14