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W14 Rail Fastening System

Introducing the W14 Rail Fastening System, engineered to meet Category C and D specifications as outlined in the EN13481-2 standard, boasting a remarkable maximum permissible axle load of 260kN. 

Our system is meticulously designed to meet diverse customer needs, offering the flexibility of high or low static stiffness rail pads to suit individual preferences.

Key Features:

  • Increased Flexibility: The ingenious mid-loop design of the clip, positioned over the rail foot, provides unparalleled flexibility, reducing the risk of clip arm overload and plastic deformation. This innovative feature also effectively prevents rail rotation, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.
  • Compliance: Rest assured that our system strictly adheres to the EN 13481-2 standard, meeting stringent industry requirements and ensuring reliability and safety.

Technical Specifications:

  • Application: Ideal for high-speed and conventional rail systems with concrete sleepers on ballasted tracks

  • Axle Load: Capable of carrying a maximum load of 260kN

  • Speed Capability: Suitable for high-speed (≥250km/h) and conventional rail (≤250km/h) applications

  • Rail Longitudinal Resistance: Provides a minimum of 9kN, ensuring robust performance even in challenging conditions

  • Electrical Resistance: Exceeds 5kΩ, ensuring electrical safety and integrity

  • Clamping Force (SKL14): Provides a minimum nominal force of 9kN for secure rail attachment

  • Gauge Adjustment: Provides ±10mm of adjustment for precise alignment and stability

  • Height Adjustment: Facilitated by a versatile W14-REG pad that offers adjustments of +1mm, +2mm, +4mm, or any combination

  • Rail Pad Material Options: Choose from EVA or TPU materials to meet specific project requirements

  • Enhanced Security: Optional use of triangular head anti-theft screws for added security and peace of mind

  • Convenient pre-assembly: All components can be pre-assembled at the sleeper factory, streamlining installation and minimizing downtime