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    Rail Insights: Reducing CO2 emissions and extending track life for a greener future

    In our second “Rail Insights” episode, we take a closer look at sustainable rail production.

    As the world faces the pressing challenges of climate change, the need for sustainable transportation is very important. Railways are often seen as a green transportation solution and have a key role in our quest for a low-carbon future. But can they really handle this big responsibility?

  • Turnout Insights


    Turnout Insights: Premium product turnout in video

    The first episode of "Turnout Insights" provides exciting insights into the innovative product worlds of the voestalpine Railway Systems Group: The focus is on turnout systems.

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    Rail Insights: Together, rail and wheel form the backbone of our railway infrastructure.

    After the successful first video about turnouts, we, voestalpine Railway Systems, present our first "Rail Insights" video, which takes a closer look at the wheel-rail-interface.

  • 2024-01-01

    zentrak: The Intelligent Ecosystem of Railway Systems.

    Your Solution for Monitoring, Asset, and Maintenance Management.

    Talking about modern railway systems, where efficiency, safety, and modernization converge, a new era is emerging. At the crossroads of cutting-edge technology and the boundless capabilities of the human mind, we proudly introduce zentrak - the intelligent ecosystem of railway systems.