SIL4 & TSI assessed

UniAC[2] can be used in nearly every rail-bound application

Mixed Traffic

UniAC[2] can be used in nearly every rail-bound application

Urban Traffic: Metro

UniAC[2] can be used in nearly every rail-bound application

Urban Traffic: Tram

UniAC[2] can be used in nearly every rail-bound application

Freight Traffic

UniAC[2] can be used in nearly every rail-bound application

High Speed Traffic

System Benefits

The modular system architecture of the CENELEC SIL4 approved UniAC[2] Axle Counting System and its built-in additional functionality provide highest flexibility, while ensuring easy usage and simplified spare part management.

Our UniAC[2] provides you with:


Safety Level

SIL 4 according to CENELEC requirements in accordance with EN 50126, EN 50128, EN 50129 and EN 50159 Class 3

Cyber Security Level

included by the design of hardware, software and tools

up to SL3 according to IEC 62443 depending on project requirements

Rolling Stock Compatibility

wide range of rolling stock comptability (mechanical & EMC) thanks to an advanced wheel sensor and intelligent evaluation algorithms

assessed according to TSI


flexible and easy to configure interfaces via:

  • various vital protocol interfaces and/or
  • fail-safe opto-coupler interfaces and/or
  • fail-safe relay interfaces


0 – 400 km/h

Power Supply

system supply voltage between 18 V DC to 72 V DC


Ambience Conditions

-40°C /+80°C (indoor equipment) up to 100% humidity (no condensation)
climate class T1

-40°C /+85°C (outdoor equipment) up to 100% humidity
climate class T1 and T2

(Outdoor Equipment IP68 certified)

System architecture

The core structure of UniAC[2] is divided into indoor and outdoor equipment.

The UniAC[2] system is based on modular architecture that enables various implementation possibilities of the Axle Counting System.

Software and Hardware are designed to be ready for future needs, especially integration with different types of Interlocking systems, via safe and secure communication protocols.

Indoor Equipment

The Indoor Equipment is placed either in a centralized signal room or decentralized. Main part it is the Multipurpose Module AXM, responsible for evaluation, counting and communication functions.

Outdoor Equipment

The Outdoor Equipment consists of the Wheel Sensor Units UniAS[1] and UniAS[2]. Mounted by a modular and flexible fixation – no drilling needed – the Wheel Sensor Units are responsible to to detect bypassing wheels on the track.

Software Ecosystem

GUI tools supporting the whole Life-Cycle of the UniAC[2] Axle Counting System


Multipurpose module

The powerful evaluation, counting and communication module is the core of our UniAC[2]

Main system functions are performed by a combination of multipurpose modules - AXM. This one type of the module, depending on configuration, can perform all required functions of the Axle Counting System.

The configuration of the AXM module is not stored on the module itself, but at the slot where a wheel sensor is connected to, simplyfing the mainteannce process.
The AXM module is built out of newest electronic components and can therefore reach MTBF times above 1.000.000 hours.

Additonally, to the standard AXM multipurpose module, a version with Relay extensions (AXMR) and safe Out- and Inputs is available.

The Multipurpose Module AXM provides
various functionalities:

Evaluation Function

AXM supplies the wheel sensor with power, evaluates analog signals from the outdoor equipment and converts them into a digital ones. Additionally, every cable fault is detected and an alarm is generated.

Communication Function

AXM is responsible for the vital communication with the subsequent signaling system via Protocol, Optocoupler or Relay. As well the AXM Multipurpose boards handles the internal communication.

Counting Function

AXM provides 4 independent counting units within one module. Each Counting Unit can consist of up to 16 counting points. With this numbers of counters, many special functions can be configured without needing additional hard- or software.

Diagnostic Function

AXM provides extended diagnostic functions via its screen and provides them to the Advanced Diagnostic Modules where the data could be accessed in various ways.

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