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Installation reports
& Maintenance
  • Configuration

    Easy and fast configuration of your system based on UniArchitect. A Graphical User Interface based software ensures a fast and proper configuration of small and large applications faster than ever before.

  • Installation Reports

    Thanks to the approach in configuration, comissioning and yearly maintenance reports are easier and faster to create than ever before. Our Application Reporter software is able to generate automatic reports about the system status, enabling a significant reduction in manual labour needed for this kind of maintenance activities.

  • Monitoring & Maintenance

    The system offers two options for connectivity: a direct connection to the network through the ETH interface or secure remote access via a web application. Users can choose the method that suits their needs best. Once connected, the system provides a general overview of its operation. A notable feature is the ability to remotely adjust the wheel sensors, allowing for precise and convenient tuning without physical intervention. Moreover, the system ensures secure updates of software and application data, guaranteeing that the system remains up-to-date with the latest enhancements and security patches. Lastly, provided metrics allow to track and analyze performance data to optimize the system’s overall efficiency.

  • Visualisation

    Application Viewer is a software tool, which allows to see a live view of track sections covered by the system application and execute basic functions, which states a part of the operator’s control panel. The whole configuration is based on the initial UniArchitect planning.

    Functions of Application Viewer:  

    Presentation of the application track layout

    Indicating Clear and Occupied Sections

    Diagnostics and Monitoring Functions

    Logging application events

    Execution of Reset procedures

One powerful tool
just for your benefit

UniArchitect provides a powerful and easy to use GUI. Therefore track layouts can be designed very quickly – regardless of the complexity of your track layouts.

All changes are realized on software level, always the same Multipurpose Module (AXM) regardless of the application.

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